Ralph S. Inouye Co. Ltd., a Hawaii corporation, was founded in 1962.  For decades we have played an integral role in the growth and development of Hawaii, working on a diverse range of commercial building, renovation, and engineering projects for Federal, State and City agencies, as well as private entities.  Through our sustainability and good business practices, we have the capability of undertaking projects of various sizes with bonding capacity in excess of $100 million per project.


The trusted Ralph S. Inouye name has become synonymous with quality, responsibility and integrity. For our clients, this means they will have a General Contractor who is attentive to their need, as well as the assurance that their project will be built according to sound construction methodology by skilled craftsmen. The end result is a lasting project, built to withstand the test of time.  From the Rainbow Place Condominium erected in the 70’s to projects currently under construction, Ralph Inouye projects are a testament to the level of pride and detail we put into our work.


We believe the key to achieving a high level of quality and customer satisfaction is our employees and work experience. Our friendly work environment, as well as our well-established family values and culture, helps us to maintain a strong sense of  loyalty and high employee retention. Our project managers, teamed with our veteran field crews, make a cohesive team whose goal is to complete projects on time, as specified and within the budget.