Mr. Ralph Inouye, 1915-2018 

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Mr. Ralph Inouye founded Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd. (RSI) in 1962 and built up the company over several decades to become one of the leading contractors in the State of Hawaii. In addition to founding RSI, Mr. Inouye filled his extensive engineering career by serving as president of the General Contractors Association and building superintendent for the City and County of Honolulu. Mr. Inouye also generously contributed to non-profit organizations, such as the Junior Achievement of Hawaii, while becoming a well-respected figure in the local business community.

Prior to founding RSI, Mr. Inouye came from a humble background and graduated from Leilehua High School in 1933. As the first from his family to attend college, Mr. Inouye earned an engineering degree from the University of Hawaii in 1937 and went on to earn a law degree from Boston College in 1950.


Mr. Inouye passed away at age 103 in September 2018. The company remains under family leadership under the guidance of Mr. Inouye's son, Mr. Lance Inouye, the current CEO and president of RSI.