The Kapolei Regional Park Skate Facility is a 7,000 square foot park with three of Hawaii’s first fully enclosed concrete bowls with Penrose pool coping.  The park also consists of approximately 2,000 square feet of “street” element such as grinder blocks, steps, ledges, and banks. 


Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd. took a unique approach to this design-build project by hosting design workshops where the general public and skating community were invited and participated in shaping the design of the park.  This approach fostered a sense of ownership by all participants, evident in every weekend in which the park is filled with skaters of all ages and ability.   


"The Kapolei Skatepark is a great example of how to do it right. The city got a great general contractor [Ralph S. Inouye] who worked with professional skatepark builders and local skaters to produce to produce the best skatepark on Oahu."

- Kirk Murakami, Park User