The project consists of 2 phases: 1) a new 15,200 square feet multi story high school classroom building, and 2) a renovation and expansion of the existing library and new senior pavilion.  The new building consolidates science, art, and PE activities.  The first level consists of 4 science laboratories and a prep office.  The second level contains girls and boys locker / shower facilities, athletic support facilities and a large multi-purpose double classroom. The third level is dedicated to art with a general art room, digital art room, and supporting spaces.  There also is an outdoor art deck, courtyard, and elevated walkway and view platform.  The library expansion project totals 8,400 square feet in the existing Fleming Building.  The existing structural members were strengthened, the previous lanai space was finished with a signature window façade and interior finishes, HVAC, and lighting.  The senior courtyard provides a gathering space under a shade structure as well as on top on the green roof.  The entire project has been certified LEED—Gold.


During the pre-construction phase, RSI’s team met regularly with the design team, school staff, and other stakeholders to analyze design issues, flesh out unique site requirements, and agree on expectations.  Careful coordination helped to expedite permitting, and construction, and a collaborative effort to provide VE solutions was valuable to keep the project within budget.  A major concern was the effects construction would have on the busy and congested high school campus.  RSI revised barricade plans, phasing, noisy work, and laydown areas to minimize the visual and noise nuisance.  Construction procedures, scheduling and phasing plans were developed to minimize impact and ensure safety and well-being of the students, staff, and visitors.  Additional offsite parking was utilized to minimize impact to the limited onsite parking.