Under the State’s Emergency Proclamation to build more affordable housing, Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd. (RSI) was selected by the City & Country to assist Group 70 International (G70) in the conversion of an existing school into a 42-unit rental complex.  The building complex contains one 2-story building and one 3-story building.  In order to fast track, the project design occurred concurrently with construction.  This project was unique, as input came not only from the owners, but also the surrounding community.  Being so close to neighboring houses and apartments, any complaints with noise or dust were addressed immediately.


Construction included a full gut and renovation of the approximately 20,000 square feet of space.  Demolition included hazardous material abatement of some asbestos containing material.  One, two, and three bedroom units were equipped with new electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler system.  Interior work included new drywall, painting, windows, kitchen appliances, shower, and toilet accessories, as well as a laundry facility and 15 parking stalls, four of which are ADA compliant.   Exterior work included concrete spall repairs, new guardrails, sun shades, a pedestrian traffic coating, and utilities feeding the building. 


RSI provided G70 with constructability reviews, value engineering ideas, cost estimating at different stages, and schedule feedback.  By closely monitoring the overall schedule and constantly communicating with the design team, items that would normally cause delays were identified early on in the design phase, allowing for the expediting of long lead items which lead to the project’s on-time completion. Initial community concerns with the housing ceased once the finished product was revealed, with no complaints from the users or surrounding community.