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Shriners Hospital for Children

The new hospital facility, consisting of three buildings totaling 150,000 sqft, is approximately 40% larger than the original hospital built in 1967.  The main hospital building includes a basement level plus two stories above ground.
The project has progressed through many obstacles most notably, a full cycle of re-design.  RSI’s participation began in 2006 when the original hospital’s 50% drawings included four floors.  After months of estimating, value engineering, & phasing analyses, the Owner’s board voted to scale down the project from a 40-bed to 24-bed hospital.  
Without missing a beat, the design team went back to the drawing board and  spent the next year re-designing a smaller facility.  RSI was able to collaborate weekly with the owner, general contractor, and designers, and together as a team we were able to produce a hospital concept that was aesthetically appealing, fully functional, and economically feasible.
Permit expediters were procured and grading permits were initially obtained to start the demolition, excavation and site preparation work.  As the project moved into the construction phase, RSI continued to assist the owners through its flexibility by performing smaller jobs on the premises in preparation for the major construction.  For example, renovations necessary to support a temporary “mobile surgery unit” were made during the pre-construction phase so that surgical operations could continue even after part of the old hospital was razed to make way for the Phase I new hospital.
In addition to the design-assist work, Ralph Inouye Co. project management secured subcontracts to perform the physical construction of the new facility and to self-perform all of the concrete and carpentry related work to build the new structures. Over $50,000 of design-assist services were credited back to the client upon receiving these subcontracts