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Pearl City High School - ADA Improvements for Accessibility

This campus-wide improvements project for ADA accessibility required the installation of 5 elevator structures, 4 covered concrete ramps, 5 wheelchair lifts, walkways, parking lot improvements, and classroom interio

r upgrades.  The project was performed throughout the school year and coordination with school administration was key in order to minimize disruption to school activities and operations.  No safety or environmental violations were noted.  

The contract was awarded under the State of Hawaii’s “PIPS” program, which is a source selection process

designed to identify the “best value” contractor by considering factors such as past performance and customer satisfaction ratings in addition to the price offering.  In order to expedite the award and construction process, we assisted the State and its design consultants by recommending modifications to lower the cost of the project.  
In one design assist proposal, we noted a particularly long ADA sloped concrete walkway required using retaining walls and grade adjustment walls that were quite costly.  We suggested modifying the design to take advantage of the terrain.  By selective grading, we eliminated all retaining and grade adjustment walls, reducing the cost of the walkway by $30,000.  In another proposal, we simply suggested reducing the width of covered walkways to what was required by ADA, saving the State another $50,000