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Control Tower Marine Corps Base

The Project required the construction of a new seven-story Control Tower and a one-story Remote Air Traffic Control Facility (RATCF).  Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd was the prime contractor on this DoD contract, and the final contract value is considered close enough to “equal” $5 million.   
The RATCF is a one-story structure, approximately 12,000 square feet in size.  Construction consisted of a concrete slab on grade, foundations and pre-engineered steel framing and metal roof decking.  A built up asphalt roof with cap sheet was required.  Interior finishes included metal framing with gypsum board walls, gypsum board and acoustical tile grid ceilings, VCT flooring, carpet, painted surfaces and ceramic tile.  A raised flooring system was also installed in the Flight Control and Instrumentation rooms.
The Control Tower Building is a seven-story concrete structure with a structural steel and glass cab at the top.  A five-stop elevator and a half-ton hoist were installed in the structure.  The interior finishes were similar to that in the RATCF Building.